Best colour pallet combination for a cosy home

The palette is composed of cool neutrals—monochromatic browns, off white , cream, and black . The beautiful white sectional sofa is accented with cream and brown throw pillows. A plush tan carpet warms up the floor. White wall pulls the coordinating whites , textured and brown elements creating a cosy and calming influence.

(Coffee brown with a blend of cream and grey living room)

Our Design Styles and why we love them

A mixture of traditional and contemporary styles. As the name suggests the style is coming from traditional and transitioning over to contemporary. We love modern transitional as is offers straight forward sophistication. Transitional styles prefer a neutral pallet, evoking a clean serene atmosphere. Think tans and Vanillas paired with brown for depth. It embraces a timeless aesthetic by celebrating natural light and relaxed feel with smooth blending details that create warm yet modern interiors.

What Is E-Design/ Online Interior Design?

ELMAS INTERIORS Virtual E-design Services are available to anyone in the East African countries. Our Interior Design Virtual Consulting Packages are for clients who aren’t currently looking to purchase a Full Service Design Packages with us, but still wish to consult with us on design projects. This is for the client who needs help furnishing their rooms and layering in accessories to tie it all together, but is willing to gather information and do their own purchasing with designer guidance. This service gives you all the tools and resources needed to execute excellent design from wherever you are.

Why is Staging Important?

Staging is an important part of the selling process, especially for homes in areas where there’s a lot of competition. It helps your home stand out from the crowd.

Good staging lets the buyers imagine themselves in the home, shows off its good features and shows how spaces can be best used. It also makes the home look significantly better in photos.

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