Full-Service Design

What is a Full-Service Interior Design?

 Full-Service Interior Design services are our most comprehensive design services at Elmas Interiors. Our exclusive 3 Phase Design Process will take your space from Bare Bones to Beautiful, while we plan and manage all aspects of your project from start to finish.

Approachable and stress-free interior design is possible with our Luxury Full Service Interior Design Package; let us design your project to completion, take care of all the details and make your realities come true!

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Note: Our Full- Service Interior design pricings are made according to the scope of work of the project. To Get A quote Schedule you Free 15 Min Discovery Call so we can know more about your project!
Is Full Service Interior Design Right for Me?
  • I’m not interested in managing my design project, I prefer to trust the process and leave it to the design professionals.
  • I am a busy, hardworking professional and I want a beautiful home, but I don’t have the time to shop, design, or manage a project; I just want it done.
  • I would like to renovate my home and need a trusted team of professionals to guide me through the process from start to finish.
  • I want a beautiful and functional home for my family to really LIVE in. I’m interested in high-quality and timeless furniture pieces that will transition with us through the years.

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, Luxury Full-Service Interior Design is a great fit for you!

What to Expect

Our exclusive and incredibly detailed 3 Phase Design Process will run your project from start to finish.

Our design plan phase includes:


  •   Design Package/Letter of Agreement Meeting
  •   Accurate Measurements of the Space
  •   A “Trade Day” (if necessary)
  •   Detailed Floor Plan to Scale
  •   Custom Color Story for the space
  •   Complete Lighting Plan
  •   Conceptual Style and Accessory Plan
  •   Up to Two Detailed Renderings of the Space Complete with Furnishings, Lighting, Window Treatments, Etc.
  •   Detailed Design Plan Specifications
  •   Furniture Sourcing Plan with our trusted Vendors
  •   Comprehensive Budget to Complete the Space
  •   Local Resource List
  •   Design Plan Presentation with Sara Lynn Brennan

Procurement/Build Phase:


  •   Design Plan Approval
  •   Order and Procure all Furnishings and Products
  •   Detailed Schedule Creation and Installation
  •   Construction and Renovation Management
  •   Organized Logistics Tracking
  •   Project Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  •   Style Plan Creation and Presentation

Completion Phase:


  •   Final Installation Planning
  •   Project Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  •   Reveal Day Preparations
  •   Accessory and Style Plan Prep and Organization
  •   Organized Logistics Planning and Troubleshooting
  •   Delivery, Installation, and Reveal Day
  •   Media Day
  •   Final Walk-Through

Let us handle everything about your project from start to finish. Designing a space through to completion is what we do best!

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