Our Design Styles and why we love them

Transitional modern design

A mixture of traditional and contemporary styles. As the name suggests the style is coming from traditional and transitioning over to contemporary. We love modern transitional as is offers straight forward sophistication. Transitional styles prefer a neutral pallet, evoking a clean serene atmosphere. Think tans and Vanillas paired with brown for depth. It embraces a timeless aesthetic by celebrating natural light and relaxed feel with smooth blending details that create warm yet modern interiors.

Transitional spaces are all about balance, creating a balance between masculine elements and feminine elements. The style favors modern lighting, amidst all the old school feel of the room a well-chosen lighting piece can take any space from “been there” to “so where are we headed”

Comfort is key, a transitional space prioritizes comfort, for furniture and upholstered pieces the seating is ample but not intimidating, this invites guests to make themselves comfortable.

A transitional dining room with a well-chosen light piece
A transitional dining room with a well-chosen light piece


In short “less is more”

Minimalist design style embraces ‘white spaces’ using white space in a design gives elements a space to breathe and live on their own. White space does not mean to not color, experiment with color that are mute and silent.  A beautiful mixture and combination can be created by using color as the main element or in certain specific areas.

We love minimalist design because it embraces simplicity on every level, yet at the same time creating a statement.  From choice in furniture to color scheme to layout, minimalist style put in bold that simple does not mean basic!

The minimalist approach to simplicity is largely based on the logic of combining form and function like making the most of double duty furniture. When done correctly minimalist design is never plain, including at least a single bold, show stopping piece of furniture, art or décor is practically a showstopper.

Mind - Century Modern

A study in simplicity that never goes out of style.

It is one of the most popular design styles. It took a dip in the 1980’s and has had renewed interest over the years. This is a timeless style with a focus in creating a strong connection to nature, with low profile, clean lined furnishings, earth tone inspired colors and a little ornamentation, mid-century modern resonates with a lot of individuals. The principles that guide this style have been known to improve moods.

We love Mid-century modern style because the large rooms filled with natural light have been proven to make people happier. An earth tone color palette can lower stress and increase productivity. This is a strong connection to nature with many spaces featuring walls of glass that open to let in plenty of fresh air. Large windows carefully and intentionally placed to frame the outside view that creates a calming feeling.

The furniture of this style is what makes all of us go crazy. The pieces are iconic, the key characteristics of Mid-Century modern design furnishings is clean lines, low profile and tampered legs, with a combination of natural and synthetic materials. The sense of style and comfort in the Mid-Century Modern design are timeless which is why we bet you that this style will still be here for years to come.

Large windows in Mid-Century modern Living room space
Feature wall in a Modern Luxury Master Bedroom

Modern Luxury Design Style

What is the tone essence of luxury interior design?

The tern modern luxury design can be used to define words such as happiness, beauty, style with a hard-to-understand nature and even more difficult to define.

eal luxury living cannot ever be truly given a specific definition. Luxury design is more than arranging large chandeliers and gold ornaments. It is about bringing forth the real diamond that shies from within-authenticity. Comfort is key- the gift of modern luxury means living in a state of comfort and convenience, it should feel warm and inviting and unique in its characteristics and at the same time evoke an emotion of extreme well-being-LUXURY

Whether you are looking to dazzle and impress with the finest materials or introduce sophisticated accent touches that span from understated elegance to elaborate exuberance, luxury interior detailing can make all the difference in a design setting. Perfecting Modern luxury design means creating a space that’s thoughtfully designed but not overdone just because you can. It’s an art of restricting yourself to using only the most necessary elements.

We love modern luxury design because it demonstrates a balance and unity being in perfect harmony throughout an entire space. Each element complements each other and flows effortlessly.  The color palette of this dreamy style is sophisticated neutrals such as greys to form the perfect backdrop, then introduce an accent furniture to create drama, while incorporating ambient light to lift and enrich the overall look. An intricate feature wall completes the design and creates the right visual appeal. When it comes to décor, quality large pieces that will fill the space properly and make the whole design feel more indulgent rather than a cluster of smaller cheaper décor pieces.

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