Find Out Your Interior Design Style With Our Interior Design Questionnaire

Our design questionnaire is a number of structured questions that we advise our clients to go through before we commence any design consultation or process. These questions enable the design team at Elmas Interiors to gather the details on your likes, loves and dislikes.

All of the information tells us small details about who you are and what you love to be surrounded by, helping us create the perfect space for you and to guide you through you project, whether it’s designing or decorating your space. With this questionnaire we are able to know your unique style , and what you are more inclined to as a client who wants to do it alone.

 Visuals and inspiration are a huge help for us to narrow in on your aesthetic and style.


The questionnaire includes basic questions that revolve around you as an individual. What you like, which bedroom design swoons you over, what is your taste in music etc..

Some of the advantages of our design questionnaire are:

  • We can give our clients proper and accurate advice and consultations.
  • A client discovers and learns their design style.
  • Makes the design process quick and straight forward
  • Makes the design process quite seamless

As a designer, we can guide the client through the process of designing and revamping their space. This process becomes seamless and possibly 100% successful if the designer knows the likes and preferences of the client, and therefore we incorporate the design questionnaire to all our clients regardless of their design expertise.

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