Best colour pallet combination for a cosy home

Whites and Browns

The palette is composed of cool neutrals—monochromatic browns, off white , cream, and black . The beautiful white sectional sofa is accented with cream and brown throw pillows. A plush tan carpet warms up the floor. White wall pulls the coordinating whites , textured and brown elements creating a cosy and calming influence.

(Coffee brown with a blend of cream and grey living room)

Greys and Browns

This room features a muted grey wall that pairs beautifully with a wall gallery, beige pillows and dusty blue bedding set. Add a gallery wall to break up the neutral wall. These warm tones from the wall art gallery gives a soothing feel. (Bedroom comprised of neutral colours)

Browns and Sage

This bedroom features a sage color pallet paired with beautiful white linen bedding set for a luxurious feel. This light sage green lends the space a calming feel and can be styled to be rustic or polished. Brow tones are the perfect companion for such sage shades.

(Muted green colours for a cozy bedroom)

Neutral color pallet

This natural and earthy color pallet is a perfect color combinations to inspire tranquility in any space.

(neutral color pallet ideas )

Neutrals with gold accents

This palette will help you to add harmonious shades to your home which give variety and feelings of calm. The golds, whites and browns create the ideal backdrop for creating a luxurious modern haven.

(neutral themed home with gold accents)

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