What you need to know COMMON FAQ's

Before you purchase your Virtual Consultations, follow the link we provided throughout the website or CLICK HERE to schedule your first FREE DISCOVERY CALL. During the discovery call we will help you navigate the best next steps in your design project. We will also explain what it’s like to work with us and how we can take your space from Inspiration to Flawless Outcome with our talented design team and Unique Design Process.

Our questionnaire helps us get to the heart of your design goals so we can make the most of our time with you by collecting some helpful information before our call. You can get a head start by taking our Style Quiz to learn your design style now!

Typically we use Zoom. If you are more comfortable with a phone call, that works just as

You can design your living room, dining room, open living/dining space, entryway, bedroom
(kids, master, or guest), home office, or nursery. We also offer design services for bathrooms,
kitchens, outdoor living spaces,or commercial office spaces.

After you purchase your E- design/ Virtual Consultations, you will be sent a questionnaire to
fill out, followed by a link to schedule your first appointment. Easy as that!

Our Services FAQ's

Yes, we do! We can design interior spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. We can review the
plans you already have drawn up to give you feedback. And we can design smaller details,
like cabinetry, fireplace surrounds, ceiling details, and built-in bookshelves.

  • 3D renderings of your new room prepared for you on interior design software and presented in a picture format. Your new design will use the perfect combination based on your choices of new and existing pieces. By having our professionals design your room in 3D, we will take the guesswork out of the designing process and prevent costly mistakes.

  • Floor plan and furniture placement for your unique space.  Your designer will provide you with an effective and aesthetic spatial layout that best suits your interior so that you only have to rearrange your furniture once.

  • Itemized shopping list with products and pricing.  Your list will eliminate any uncertainty you may have about the décor item by providing its size, color, and fabric specifications if needed.  This means no more running around from store to store
    trying to find the perfect piece.  Of course, you’ll have the flexibility to buy the items on your own timeline as your budget permits and we can assist with shopping for you.

  • Paint color palette to complement your space. Your designer will recommend complementary paint colors (at least one main wall color and two accent colors) from a well-known  paint companies .

  • Tips and Implementation Guide will also be prepared by your designer.  This will help keep you organized during the decorating process by providing an easy to follow to-do list and other home decorating advice to ensure your design success.

Whether we are reviewing plans in-person or over a call, we will present our 2D technical drawings and renderings in a presentation where we’ll walk you through the plans and draw your attention to any specific areas that we think deserve additional consideration. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your thoughts with us as we guide you through the process!

Yes, we do, and it’s fine if window treatments are all you need! We’re here to work with you on the elements of your home that you want to address right now. This could mean  window treatments, color consultation, design of a single room, kitchen  or a whole home of furniture.

We love working with our clients on their furnishings! . We design the whole the room  and  work with different furniture vendors both locally and internationally to get you’re the best furniture for your space, style and budget.. We can work with the furniture you already own and love, and we will help you find quality pieces to complete your home.

When we are presenting your design in-person, we like to present entire rooms at a time. We do so with interior finish and furniture samples, fabrics, paint chips, floorplans, furniture configurations, images, and more.

Similarly, when we are presenting your design remotely, we will send you a pdf of all the same items that would otherwise be filling a table, and we will send you the physical fabric samples that you are considering for your home. We’ll devote a conference call to walking through your pdf presentation, answering your questions and making adjustments as we determine they’re needed.

Billing & Policies FAQ's

Your bill will depend on the services we provide you. Our services like our Virtual / E-design consultations are billed on a fixed rate and here we charge for the consultations only , any décor items , Furniture and fittings we recommend will be quoted and billed separately . if you need additional services you will be billed on that service we provide. Reach out to us to discuss the details of your project and how our services will work for you.

After you have approved your furniture budget range, we will collect a retainer that secures our services so we can get to work. Your retainer will be credited back to you as a part of your final payment to us. However, if you cancel or diminish the scope of your furnishing commitment, this retainer will be converted into a non-refundable design fee in proportion to the amount that your project contracts. Consider it a safety net for our designers’ time.

Every furniture manufacturer provides its own warranty. As you make your furniture selections, we will provide you with any warranty information that you need!

Our design delivery times range from 2-3 weeks. Once you submit your project, your designer will give you an exact delivery date for your initial designs.

Designing in a rush? We offer an expedited option for our E- Design packages, which you can select at checkout.You’ll work directly with your designer to review your project and determine a timeline based on your needs.

Which design package is right for me?

This depends on the level of hands-on help you want with your project and how many rooms you plan to design. Book your Free Dicovery Call here so we can help you decide what package best fits your needs.

No matter which package you choose, you’ll be working with one of our expert Elmas interiors designers

After you have purchased your design package , you’ll have a 30 minute kick-off call with your designer  to discuss the project as well as unlimited email and chat on our collaboration platform for follow-up communications to share feedback and make changes.

In addition to the project kick-off call, you’ll also enjoy a design reveal video call to walk through your new designs as well as communications with your dedicated designer via email or phone—whichever is most convenient for you.

With all of our packages, you’ll also be able to rate your designs, request changes, and send feedback to your designer directly from our design portal

  • Book your FREE 15 Min Discovery Call here so we can learn more about your project and your needs.
  • Purchase the package recommended by your designer – After purchasing your design package, you’ll receive an email with your login details into our Designer – Client collaboration portal as well as  clear instructions on what to do to get started.

Once you choose your designer you’ll be in constant communication with them and you may even tell them if you really liked something from another proposal. Your  designer will refine the design based on your feedback when completing the realistic 3D model & shopping list that’s included in your package.

We understand that life can get busy and want to accommodate your schedule, so if you need to put your project on hold please contact us and let us know. Please note, that if a project remains inactive for 90 days, it cannot be refunded and may be considered as closed.

Your decor brief and feedback will tell them. By completing our fun and interactive decor quiz , you will provide designers with insightful information such as your personal design preferences, goals, room photos & measurements, budget plans, and personal likes/dislikes. After carefully reviewing your information, our professional designers will ask you questions and get to work, submitting tailor-made decorating ideas for you to preview.

Absolutely! As part of your décor quiz you will be asked upfront what items you’d like to keep. We certainly can integrate your existing items into the new design.We just request that you provide us with two photos of each item that you want to keep and the dimensions of that item.

We can help with shopping and you can buy the items at your own pace. We can also incorporate your existing items

Yes! Designers thrive on guidance and love nothing more than creating a space that you absolutely LOVE.You will get one revisions after that extra revisions will have extra charges.

Yes! Designers thrive on guidance and love nothing more than creating a space that you absolutely LOVE. You will get two revisions after that extra revisions will have extra charges.

Our custom room packages are for the following rooms; Master-bedroom , Guest bedroom, Livingroom, Nursery,patio,Dining-room , home office and combined Living Room & dining room . You can choose to work with one room or even up to 8 rooms.

We sometimes offer discounts or promotions on our design packages. We recommend signing up for our emails so you’ll be the first to know about any sales.

We also offer a referral program, which allows you to share a discount with your friends and you’ll also receive a 20% discount when they start their project.


Yes! With our design packages we can incorporate structural changes into your final 3D designs. So whether you want to try out a different flooring option or see how your new built-ins will look, we can show you these changes alongside new furniture and decor in your exact room.

Yes! With our E- design packages we can show you how new wall paint colors will look in your room. Once you start your project, you can let your designer know that you’d like  add Color Consultation as add-on service to see new paint options and they will incorporate them into your design.

Yes! With our Window Treatment Online Consultation your designer will be more than happy to show you window treatments in your design.

Yes , Currently, we only offer design packages for east African countries.

We’re thrilled you’re interested in using our services for commercial use. Yes we have commercial interior design as well  commercial interior design service . Our Full- service commercial interior design package includes; 

  • Full Service Commercial Designs & Build Package

We also support real estate industry by providing home staging services. check out our Home staging services here.

Our design packages never expire, so you are welcome to purchase a package anytime and can start your project once you’re ready.

We work with a wide variety of partners locally and internationally  from well-known brands to unique and exclusive vendors. One of the advantages of designing your room with Elmas Interiors is that you’ll have access to products (and prices) that are not available to the public, so you’ll be sure to find pieces that meet your style and budget.

Yes! With our  design packages we can design your 3D room from a floorplan or blueprint.

This depends on the level of hands-on help you want with your project and how many rooms you plan to design. Book your Free Dicovery Call here so we can help you decide what package best fits your needs.


Elmas Interiors makes it convenient to purchase the items you want from your shopping list.

  1. Press “add to cart” beside any of the items you want, continue to checkout and fill in the form with your shipping details.
  2. We’ll send you an invoice that includes the shipping fees and taxes. Many of our vendors offer free shipping which would be passed on to you!
  3. After your payment is completed, we’ll send you tracking information and updates on your order!
  4. We’re happy to coordinate returns and provide return labels in compliance with each vendor’s return policy.

If an item is no longer available, we’ll work with our  designers to find an alternative item. Feel free to contact us at hello@elmasinteriors.com to let us know. Certain vendors or items often come back in stock and in those cases we’ll recommend waiting a few weeks if you really like the item!

We will send you updates for each item when it ships. Whenever possible, we will provide you with the tracking links so you can track your items. Some vendors do not provide us with these tracking links, but in those cases we will keep the estimated ship date updated in your order details.

We are more than happy to coordinate returns for you. We follow each vendor’s return policy including return time window. Any custom-made and final sale items cannot be returned. The typical return window for most of our vendors is 30 days. Just email your return request to hello@elmasinteriors.com and let us know if you have the original packaging and if applicable, attach photos of any damage.

The vendor’s delivery team will contact you directly via phone about one week before to schedule a specific date and time window.

Yes! We work with international clients as well and can definitely work with stores in your country.