5 tips to decorate a coffee table

Tip 1:

Add a tray – A tray is a great way to keep items organized and looking neat. Try using a decorative tray that matches the style of your coffee table.

Tip 2:

Include some greenery – A small potted plant or succulent can add a touch of life to your coffee table.

Tip 3:

Place a candle – Candles can add a cozy, warm atmosphere to any room. Place a scented candle on the table to make it more inviting.

Tip 4:

Add a stack of books – Stacking books on the coffee table can be a great way to add height and texture to the space. Choose books that reflect your style and interests.

Tip 5:

Use accessories – Accessories such as trinket dishes, vases, and sculpture pieces are great for adding a personal touch to the table. Have fun playing around with different pieces until you find the perfect combination.

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